SESSION 05 – Track 13: Linking Industrial Development, Energy and Efficiency (Meeting Room 3)

SESSION CHAIR:               SCHEIN A.                                                                                                              DISCUSSANT: Mayburov I.

  1. Ranking of Countries by Industrial Growth Rate, Rodionova, I., Kokuytseva, T.
    Presenter: Rodionova, I.

  2. Fiscal value of distance-based road pricing system project in Yekaterinburg, Leontyeva, Y., Mayburov, I.
    Presenters: Leontyeva, Y., Mayburov, I.

  3. Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Use of Energy Service Contracts in the World, Mareeva, M., Shuvalova, O., Rodionova, I.
    Presenter Rodionova, I.

  4. Can Green Taxation Trigger Plug-In Hybrid Acquisition? Pádua, H., Barros, V.
    Presenter: Barros, V.