SESSION 04 – Track 15: Entrepreneurship from a different perspective (Lecture Room 3)

SESSION CHAIR: KARAGOUNI G.                                                                                                      DISCUSSANT: Schiesari R.

  1. Entrepreneurship amidst Changing Institutions: A Panel Study across Countries, Page West III, G.

    Presenter: Page West III, G.

  2. The growth of entrepreneurship in China: From a hidden to a widely diffused phenomenon, Stupino, M., Giachino, C., Bertoldi, B., Sbardelotto, L.

    Presenter: Stupino, M.

  3. Entrepreneurship and the Cities in a Knowledge Based Perspective: evidences from EU, Bruzzi, C., Ivaldi, E., Musso, E., Penco, l.

    Presenter: Penco, l.